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LA CARGA (Burden)

Twelve men retreat for a weekend to a country house to face a
personal and collective transformation. The goal, to rethink their
masculinity in an open way and share their emotional wounds
through radical physical and mental dynamics.

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The First Woman

Eva has two dreams: leaving the psychiatric hospital in search of a “normal” life and to reunite with her son, after fifteen years of silence.

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Magaluf Ghost Town

Magaluf, Mallorca, a quiet coastal town that becomes one of the most saturated tourist areas in summer, how do its inhabitants survive in this low cost tourist paradise?

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Coming Soon Last Days

Coming soon last days shows the difficulties of an arthouse and cooperative movie theatre that programs auteur and resistance films in its four screens.

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City of the Dead

Death is still a taboo that scares us but also equally arises our curiosity.
This film is a journey to death involving coexistence during one year with the employees of the cemetery and funeral parlour of Palma de Mallorca.

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Machine is 40 years old, from Senegal, lives in the capital of Guinea Bissau and has devoted his life to jogging.

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Life and death of an architect

“Life and death of an architect” deals with one of the most sordid cases of our history. A murder surrounded by silence, double standards, hypocrisy, homophobia, the tourist boom and corruption.

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Ants and cicadas

Is an art-house experimental documentary about a country and a culture torn between a millenary tradition and vibrant modernity.

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Divine Life

Divine Life is an observational documentary about the life of three devotees (a nun and two priests): a divine but also earthly life, unknown and foreign to most.

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