City of the Dead
Life and Death
Divine Life


Amilcar Cabral (1924-1973) was an African thinker and leader.
He led the anti-colonial struggle in Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde against Portugal, but was assassinated 8 months before these countries became independent.

The First Woman

Eva has two dreams: leaving the psychiatric hospital and to be reunited with her son, after ten years of silence.

Coming Soon, Last Days

City of the Dead

City of
The dead

Death remains a taboo that causes us fear and curiosity in equal parts.
The film is a trip to the death living together for a year with the workers of the cemetery and the funeral home of Palma de Mallorca.


Machine is 40 years old, is Senegalese lives in the capital of Guinea Bissau and has consecrated his life to run

Life and death of an architect

Life and Death
of an architect

“Life and death of an architect” addresses one
Of the most sordid cases in our history.
A murder marked by silences,
Double standards, homophobia,
The tourist boom and corruption.

Ants and cicadas

A documentary essay about a country and a culture that is debated between a millenary tradition and a vibrant modernity

Divine Life

Divine Life is a documentary about the life of three religious: a divine life but also unknown Earth and alien to the majority.

We are interested in stories that explore the conflicts of identity, human and existential relations; characters who live on the sidelines of society, utopian individuals and anonymous heroes.

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