Over ten years filming real things.


We are an independent production company founded in Mallorca in 2007.
We produce documentaries and experimental films that we create ourselves. We make movies for a global public from a humanistic and artistic perspective, both Mediterranean and European.
We are interested in stories that explore the conflicts of identity, human and existential relations; characters who live on the sidelines of society, utopian individuals and anonymous heroes.

Our films have been selected and awarded prizes at different festivals and international markets.

We are members of EDNEurodoc and Apaib

Director Ciudad de los muertos

Miguel Eek

Executive Producer and Director

(Madrid, 1982) I was born as a result of an encounter between a woman from Granada and a man who was half Swedish and half Catalan. I was raised between Madrid, Mallorca, Stockholm and Barcelona, where I graduated in Documentary Filmmaking at the ESCAC. I worked in various production companies and not quite finding the righteous place, I eventually founded Mosaic.
I live facing the contradiction of being both a producer and a director and I thrive to find the right juncture. Nonetheless, I am a privileged individual, devoting myself to one of the best jobs I can think of.
I make fiction films and documentaries, and particularly what lies between both.


Marta Castells

Production Director

(Barcelona, 1980) I studied journalism in Barcelona and wanted to travel all over the world. I arrived in Mallorca by chance over a decade ago, and as fate would have it, I gave up my stage as a reporter and took on the profession of producer. I can’t think of a better job. Every project is a voyage, every day an adventure. And I am happy.

Jordi Carrasco

Jordi Carrasco

Camera and Film Editing

(Palma, 1995) I come from a family involved in the hotel business. I knew what I wanted to do but was never in a financial position to venture into it, so I started to save money to devote myself to what I really loved. I studied a course in cinema where I met Miguel, my teacher, who subsequently offered me the opportunity of becoming a member of the Mosaic team. I dare say that cinema has saved my life.