The First Woman

Eva has two dreams: leaving the psychiatric hospital and to be reunited with her son,
after ten years of silence.



Eva has been in Palma’s Psychiatric Hospital for six years. Cigarettes and some conversations are good to kill time, but not enough. After a year of waiting, the news arrives: there is a shelter available for her.

Eva takes the first steps towards a new life: a house, the reunion with her mother, a job and love. However, her dream and greatest anguish is to know if she will be able to find and count on her son’s forgiveness after ten years of silence.

“The First Woman” is a film about forgiveness and second chances, about the search for “normality” on the borderline between lucidity and darkness.

Director's note

I met Eva two years ago. I was teaching a documentary film workshop at the Psychiatric Hospital of Mallorca. She was the only student who never missed a class. Her punished gaze confronted an illusion for life, for redeeming a past of excesses and endless nights. Her story of resilience connected me with a youth fascination: exploring the blurred boundaries between sanity and illness.

During these two years with Eva I’ve faced my own prejudices. Our relationship is not easy and even today it requires patience and regaining trust from time to time. I hope that her generosity, her joy and her humour will clear up some of the taboos that still exist about mental illness.

Title: La primera mujer
International title: The First Woman
Genre: Documentary
Source format: 16:9 AppleProRes422HQ
Master format: AppleProRes422 y H264
Original language: Spanish and Catalan
Filming location: Mallorca
Production year: Postproduction
Production company: Mosaic Producciones
Co-produced by: IB3 Televisió de les Illes Balears
With the support of: Institut d’Estudis Balearics, Consell de Mallorca

Direction and screenplay: Miguel Eek
Production director: Marta Castells
Communication and marketing: Virginia Galán
Cinematographer: Jordi Carrasco
Direct sound: Carlos Novoa
Sound design: Rubén Pérez
Editor: Aina Calleja