Miguel Eek documentary life and death of an architect

Life and death of an architect

“Eek peeks into a life and the secrets of that life: a total provocation in Mallorca.”
Josep Mª Nadal Suau. El Mundo.

“An eloquent and very fine visual narrative work.
Mystery, corruption, sexual discrimination,
abuse of authority and countless noire material
for a story that is both real and recent.”
Kike Narcea. Albedomedia.


In February 1968, José Ferragut, the most important architect in Mallorca, was found dead on a piece of waste ground; the case was filed due to lack of evidence.

Ferragut fought against corruption and unrestrained development of the coast, which derived in him making several enemies; mainly politicians and real state developers. But Ferragut had another problem: he was gay – a misfortune in a cruel society that criminalized and persecuted homosexuals. Acordingly, Ferragut led a double life until his death, becoming in the process an introvert and a depressed man.

Fifty years later, “Life and Death of an Architect” reopens one of the most obscure cases in Spanish history.

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Director’s note

Two years after finishing the documentary “Bennazar” another person linked to architecture came my way. Josep Ferragut Pou was mentioned in various conversations with some journalist colleagues as a person who had been unfairly reviled and should thus be analyzed in depth.

Apart from being the 50th anniversary of his death, there are in the life of Josep Ferragut certain cinematographic elements of a historic and social nature which indicate that Mallorca was relatively unknown as far as documentary filmmaking is concerned. A time period that saw the onset of tourism, a phenomenon that transformed the landscape as well as the economic, political and cultural nature of the Mediterranean countries.

Ferragut was an original and eclectic architect, a non-conformist who confronted the corrupted practices embedded in politics and bureaucracy, and openly criticized the eagerness and greed of real estate developers.

“Life and Death of an Architect” is an approach to Ferragut, devoid of prejudice and myths, a contemporary review based on several different testimonies and key moments of his life. After all, reviewing Ferragut today also encourages us to reconsider what and who we are.

Title: Vida y muerte de un arquitecto
International title: Life and Death of an Architect
Genre: Biographical documentary
Runtime: 52min
Original Languages: Catalan and Spanish
Filming Locations: Mallorca and Barcelona, Spain
Source Format: 16:9 AppelProRes422HQ
Master Format: AppelProRes422 and H264
Production Company: Mosaic Producciones
Co-produced by: IB3
With the support of: Consell de Mallorca, ATB and Palma City Council
International Sales: Upside distribution
Direction: Miguel Eek
Screenplay: Mar Pla, Josep Mª Nadal Suau & Miguel Eek
Production Director: Marta Castells
Production Assistant: Jaume Fiol
Assistant Director: Derek Watson
Director of Photography: Edu Biurrun
Camera Operators: Pablo Bohigas, Guillermo Paz, Gabriel Videckis, Percy Hans Pérez & Marcos de Haro
Sound Design: Rubén Pérez
Art Direction: Carmen Alemany
Art Assistant: Laura Eek
Costume Coordinator: Rosa Masagué
Film Editor: Aina Calleja
Color grading: Jaume Alcina
Original Music: Jaume Compte
Mastered and Mixed Music: Juanjo Tur (Estudis Phonos)
Motion Graphics: Luis Ozonas